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    As a literary and art journal with a reach around our world, chosing the theme of home was done not to focus on the traditional role of women, but instead to focus on our roots, our identities, where we feel safe, who and where we find our community. It can also be the desk where we write; the dirt in our vegetable or flower garden; a state of meditation or sitting at the family dinner table.

    Poetry. Prose. Fiction. Non-Fiction. Photographs. Art.

    For those of us who do not live in the place where we were born, who do not have a farm or place in the country side that has been in the family, or those who have moved a lot, home can be an elusive concept. It’s such a simple, common word, it can be overlooked and undervalued.

    We were delighted with the reach and richness of our contributors. We had over 125 submissions from over 90 women artists and writers. As a result of that, we’re extending our review period, so we have the time we need to read and view every submission fairly, and to lay out both the online journal and a print copy.

    This second issue, like the first would not have been possible were it not for the tireless work of our assistant managing editor intern, Rachel C. Lews. Rachel has left her mark on When Women Waken and gotten it off on solid ground. Rachel also has a couple of submissions in this issue. Maybe you’d thank her too for her work. (Thank yous are like little jetpacks, they energize!)

    See what you think, and kindly reward these writers and artists with comments about what you appreciated in their work. 

    Thank you kind readers. Thank you kind writers and artists.

    Anora McGaha



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