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    From the Editor, May 31, 2013 Spring 2013 Cover x200x

    Our Contributors

    Launching a first issue, we are not proven.

    The women writers and artists who contributed took a chance on us, and we hope we have honored their work with the presentation. They will surely be influencing the shape of our journal (the inclusive “our”) as it continues.

    We have contributors from North Carolina, women I’ve personally met, like Melissa Hassard, Kerry Holjes, Sue Fulton, Marcy Corprew.

    We have contributors from New York who we’ve met and interacted with for years on Twitter, Nancy Wait and Srivastava Vikram, both contributors to Women Writers, Women Books.

    We have contributors from around the US who we are just meeting online for the first time: Harriet Shenkman in New York, Victoria Johnson in California, Farzana Marie in Arizona.

    From Ireland we have C. Elizabeth Murray, a contributor to Women Writers, Women Books, and the first first poet we published in the online magazine, with Aluine’s Gardens, letting us know we may need to develop a literary journal down the road.

    From India we have Nischala Murthy in Dehli and Anushree Nande in Mumbai.

    Paige Sinkler hails from Guilford, England, Pippa Kelly, from London, and Tracy Kuhn from York.

    Selecting poetry, prose and images is always a very subjective decision. Each editor, each editing team, is evaluating the match between the submission and the journal. Not judging good or bad, really assessing the fit. It is always essential to read what a journal has published as an indicator of what they might publish going forward. We heartily encourage you to do so.

    Thank you to each of the writers, poets, authors and artists who shared their work with this first issue, taking a chance on us.

    We greatly appreciate you!

    A. McGaha


    Our Team

    Rachel C. Lewis a writer and student at Elon University in North Carolina has agreed to step into the assistant managing editor role for When Women Waken. She also works with us on Women Writers, Women Books.

    Barbara Bos is a writer and artist from Spain via England and Holland. She’s also on the volunteer team of Women Writers, Women Books, and has been a contributor. She contributed the cover art, and, is advising on this first issue.

    About this Issue

    This issue was launched in a short time frame to be ready at the end of May. There will be plenty of notice for the second issue, so everyone who wishes to submit will have a chance to.




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