2014 Spring – Power

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    Staff for the Power Issue

    As a volunteer team, our staff can be different with each issue.

    Senior Editor

    Kerry Holjes, North Carolina, USA


    Tynisha Ferguson, South Carolina, USA

    Poetry Editor

    Pamela Taylor, North Carolina, USA

    Prose & Consulting Editor

    Barbara Bos, Spain

    Graphic Design

    Tynisha Ferguson, South Carolina, USA

    Marketing Manager, Artistic Advisor

    Barbara Bos, Spain

    Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

    Anora McGaha, North Carolina, USA

    Table of Contents

    Contents by First Name

     Editor’s Note

    Dear Readers

    Ada Wiam

    True to the Word

    Aliyah Jacobs

    South Africa 1964
    Bowls on a Sunday Afternoon

    Annette Skade

    Oak Grove
    God Particle

    BethAnne Kapansky


    Damyanti Biswas

    Talking about Rape

    Dana Holt


    Gloria D. Gonsalves

    A Haughty Woman
    I am a Child of Tanzania

    Hannah Brockbank

    Bed Death

    Holly Rose

    Power over My Mind

    Jaki Shelton Green

    An Eclipse of Skin

    Janaki Nagaraj

    The Old Well-Worn Invisible Felt Hat

    Jane Wilson-Howarth

    Power to Heal

    Jayshree Misra Tripathi

    The Composer of Verse

    Jeannie McGinnis

    Alabama Blues
    To Marvel at the Power of a Voice

    Judi Thomas

    Ocean Song
    Mermaids Dreaming the Ocean  (ink drawing)

    Kerry Holjes

    Stripping Berries

    Kirsten Luckins


    Laila Blake

    Inside Open, Upside Down

    Lillian Csernica

    The Power Behind the Throne

    Lora Keller

    A Coming
    New Shoes

    Marcia G. Yerman

    Coin of the Realm (painting)
    Lady with Tree II  (painting)

    Melanie Hayden-Williams

    How She Bleeds

    Ni’mah Isma’il Nawwab

    The Power Within

    Paula Dawn (PD) Lietz

    The Bath  (cover painting)
    Natural Alchemy (painting)
    Strike (painting)

    Sally Buckner

    After the Merger
    How to Burn the Flag

    Susan Gardner


    Sweta Srivastava Vikram

    What Does a Servant Girl Know

    Sylvia Freeman

    Mount Antero (painting)
    La Passionaria (photograph)

    Power Book Cover